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Welcome to Supradupra.com a site dedicated mainly to the MK3 Toyota Supra.

Here you will find information regarding my various Supra projects as well as detailed technical information & modifications, links to external sites of interest & resources as well as hints, tips & ideas.

2.5tt aero Rebuild outside (3) (Custom)
1JZ GTE Complete (1) (214 x 204)
Black 2.5 Main shot

Latest addition: 2.5 TT GT Aero Limited

Ongoing build threads for JZA70:

 Supremacist.net    -   Supramania    -   Syvecs        

Since May 2009 my current 1JZ-GTE powered JZA70 Aero Limited has been undergoing a full refurbishment.  This has involved a back to shell strip down, refurbishment & rebuild.

In addition to the actual refurbishment I have also been upgrading the car to bring it into the 21st century with modern systems such as fully automated control of various systems like lighting, starting & wipers, various lighting upgrades to full LED, a new ECU, Traction control systems, manual box, full transponder starting / power &  bundles more!

Please visit one of the above interactive build threads for more information.

  Latest additons:  *Digital dash pin outs complete!*   *1JZ Engine wiring COMPLETE!*

Lots of time & effort goes into investigating, solving problems then compiling & sharing information.  It’s great to get your feedback :) 

Other pages within this site look at my past Supra projects, along with non Supra related links & content.

3.0T 7M-GTE02

3.0 T Hybrid 7M-GTE

2.5tt Aero Limited02

Undergoing site updates constantly so please bear with me!  Any problems or wanted content please let me know!

2.5 TT  GT Aero Limited: Groupama Saga!

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