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1JZ ECU Wiring Information

This page details the complete wiring information & pin outs for the Supra 1JZ-GTE powered car.

I do not take full credit for the information contained within these diagrams, this is an amalgamation of incomplete information from various sources across the internet.  What I do take credit for is putting in the time & effort to cross reference the limited & random information available, confirming the information by testing it & carrying out more research & tracing to fill in all the missing pieces to complete the diagrams.  I have also added where possible, additional interconnection details & system information.

It’s been a bit of a slog but, to the best of my efforts this information should now be 99% correct, complete & all together in one place!

ECU Socket
1JZ ECU Pin Outs Supra MK3 JZA70 Complete02
ECU Plugs
1JZ ECT Wiring Complete jpg
1JZ EFI Wiring JZA-70 - Full Diagram

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