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Hi I’m Stuart, 46 years old from Surrey England.

When not playing with my car then I will probably be sorting someone elses out!  If not you will find me out having a great time with all my fantastic friends, throwing a party or going out for the night.

I find it impossible to sit around on my ass all day doing nothing so that’s where the car comes in handy, it allows me to put my brain to work and keep me sane?!

I collected my first TOYOTA SUPRA on 01/12/98 and since then have spent many many hours tinkering around with it.  I have always enjoyed electronics and gadgets, run discos and enjoy putting on big parities!

I worked as a service engineer for a company who make gas analysis equipment for 10 years before growing tired of the way the company was run and battling to drive on our pathetic UK road system without being fined or having my photo taken every few miles!

The work was extremely varied asking a bit of knowledge of just about everything out there!  Because of pollution laws you find this equipment in places ranging from car research plants and factories, universities, hospitals and labs right through to small factories that make just fuel caps or wing mirror covers, nuclear subs and weird places that burn cows!  I did tend to see just about everything which, brings with it a great insight and knowledge of so many everyday things!

More recently I have said sod it to working for a company and ventured out alone as an electrical engineer.  This involves anything from standard household electrical work, testing & installation to large scale industrial premises and projects.  As well as this I also have knowledge and practice in the design of lighting, audio and visual installations as well as auto electrical systems and electronic skills.

A bit of a Knight rider fan I found myself always attracted to the Supra, its muscular looks and the huge power it has!  You will find little bits of KITT all over the car from the digital dash to the famous scanner!  I have always enjoyed new technology  and integrating that with existing systems, its both challenging and rewarding.

Its all a bit sad but, it keeps my brain working and thanks to being able to work out car electric’s with my eyes shut and the ability to fit into any shaped foot well whilst holding a soldering iron and standing on my head,  I have met alot of people through this work and made some great long standing friendships  because of it.

My mission will continue! I claim to be able to get a light almost anywhere! If a company has made a product I can normally make something the same for a quarter of the price, even if it does take a bit of playing about!  With luck putting my experience here, on the net will allow others to do the same and give them assistance and inspiration.

If you need help or a great owners group to join, come & find me at www.mkiiisupra.net.


Cheers for visiting.

Take care


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