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In 2007 I felt like a change and new challenge so, I went out and purchased a Mk3 2.5 Twin Turbo Aero supra.

The first car, the white Limited, sadly fell victim to my first crunch in a Supra for 10 years!!  This was extremely unfortunate and the insurance battle that ensued was unreal and a real eye opener as to how bad insurance companies treat us.

This car has now been replaced with the next project which will use the best parts from both vehicles.  Click the links below to go to each vehicle.

Black 2.5 Main shot02
2.5tt 013 (Medium) (Custom)

Latest Project:  JZA70 2.5TT Aero Limited

Latest addition to my Supra clan!  This will be taking up most of my spare time this year - click to go to this cars index.

Ongoing build threads for JZA70:

 MKIIIsupra.net       Supramania       

Previous Project:  JZA70 2.5TT Aero Limited

This was purchased in 2007 to replace my long serving UK 3.0T sadly, due to a small bump and a cuntish insurance company policy - Groupama Saga -  this car is now stripped to boxes of parts :(

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