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Digi Dash Pin Outs - 1jz

Below are the complete pin outs for a MKiii Supra Digital Dash as fitted to the 1JZ 2.5 TT JDM cars.  This information has been compiled from scratch using a bench test instrument cluster & loom as well as cross referencing information from diagrams & incomplete web lists.

The dash in question was from a 1jz-gte JDM vehicle.  The 3.0 digi dash pin outs are mildly different to these so, be careful if applying these pin outs to the 3.0 digi dash (with oil press gauge)

The information includes pin numbers, cable colour, signal required to function (ground or +)  Function & additional information.

A cable colour key can be found at the bottom of the table.

The pins are counted as per standard Toyota wiring diagrams, information can be found HERE if you are unsure.  The dash has MALE pins while the loom (wire) side are FEMALE

Digi Dash Pin Outs 1jz

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