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I have been asked many many times how to replace the green bulb lighting in the Supra switches with blue LED.  This page aims to answer a few questions.

Blue LEDs work real well in the Supra switches particularly as blue will light through the green filter built into the switch legends, it is possible to gently rub this off with alcohol or such but results can be sketchy and you risk rubbing off the black legend pait too so best just light through the green filter instead.!

Firstly you will need to remove the switches from your car and gently prise off the rocker tops, easily done with a stanley knife.

Remove the existing illumination bulbs, most of which come out from the back of the switches.   The rear demist switch needs to come apart completely, simply remove the base plate and the PCB inside will slide out.

I found it best to use high brightness 3mm LEDs for this project as they fit in directly where the stock bulbs went.

Some of the switches use some funky Toyota style of bulb, these are nice and easy to replace with the LEDs as can be seen here.

Simply allow enough lead length to match that of the original bulb and give yourself enough to solder onto the tags on the switch.

There is even enough room to attach the resistor to the LED and sleve it all.

These modules will simply fit into place and solder to the tags on the switch.

One bit of prep to do to each switch is to paint the illumination chamber part white, this aids light dissipation and gives a better light spread.

Also as described HERE in another section, flatten down the LEDs to give a better light spread and make them less directional.

As explained before LEDs will only run the correct way round on DC voltage, in order for these to work correctly in the car you will need to get the + and - of each LED onto the correct pins of the switches.  Below you will find each switch photographed and the polaraty of the pins marked.

Hazzard Switch

The legs of each LED can be directly soldered onto the factory contacs of the switch where the original lamps went.

Carefull not to use too much heat as this can damage the contacts or melt things! - never good!

+    -

Rear Fog Switch

+    -

Front Fog Switch

+   -



Headlight Adjuster Switch

This switch is slightly different to the other switches in the fact it has the green filter on the bulb.

To make sure all my switches gave out the same colour I fitted the green filter from this bulb onto the LED I fitted.

I also used a larger 5mm LED in this switch as I found it gave a much better spread of light inside compared to the 3mm.  This switch was also opened up carefully and painted white inside to reflect light better.

Rear Demist Switch

If all of the above goes as it should then the next time you switch your lights on you should have bright blue switch illumination instead of washed out green!

If you found this guide helpful or have a comment, please sign my Guest Book or use the Message Board.

If you found this guide helpful or have a comment, please sign my Guest Book or use the Message Board.