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On the Jap spec cars it’s possible to operate the electric windows whenever the doors are open.  This is particularly helpful when cleaning the car etc as you can operate the windows without the keys.

The mod below, based on 1991 Turbo, is the simplest way of achieving this without having to remove the fuse box. 

The parts you will require are:

  • A 12 volt relay capable of switching 30 Amp
  • Crimps for the relay
  • Few bits of power cable (1.mm conductor size)

You will need to gain access to the fuse box area in the drivers foot well, to do this you will need to remove the trim above the pedals - 6 screws.

Then the kick panel trim next to the gas pedal.- 1 10 mm nut and first screw on kick plate to allow you to free the kick panel from under it.

Connector Locaton

The connections we need to make are to the door feeds, these are BLUE connectors plugged in to the terminal board next to the fuse box as above.

Now is also a good time to DISCONNECT THE BATTERY!  The reason for this is one of our connectors is a permanent live feed and we don’t really want to blow any fuses.  If you didn’t want to disconnect the battery for various reasons then MAKE SURE YOU REMOVE THE BLUE CONNECTORS instead.

So to override our windows we need to supply them with a fairly beefy power supply and be able to switch this on and off with the doors.  Lucky for us this is all available at the door connectors.

Pull out both the connectors and locate the following wires:

Door Connectors JPG
Window Plug - Window (150 x 198) Window Plug - Light (150 x 139)

Click image for details.

The wire functions are as follows:

  • BLUE - Switched + 12 Volt power to windows (comes on with ignition)
  • BLUE/WHITE - Permanent + 12 Volt used for central locking supplied from same fuse as electric windows.
  • RED/WHITE - Switched Ground signal to door marker light.

To override the windows when the doors are open we need to splice a relay into the circuit to apply the +12 volt (blue/white) to the windows (blue)  The relay will switch on and off with the interior lights (red/white)

Because the central locking (blue/white) is fed from the same 30A fuse and supply as the windows we do not need to worry about extra fuses or supplies.  Simply SPLICE and solder  your new relay wires into the door connector wires. Don’t cut the wires to the connectors as they are still needed to operate the windows  normally.  Insulate the joint with PVC tape once soldered.  You could use splice crimps if you dont have a soldering iron.

Window Relay03

Find a suitable position to mount the relay out of the way so as not to rattle or foul the trim when replaced.

Plug everything back in, if you disconnected the battery now is a jolly good time to reconnect it and test the circuit.

With the relay connected as above, whenever the red door marker lights are on the windows will operate without the need for keys.

If you found this guide helpful or have a comment, please sign my Guest Book or use the Message Board.

If you found this guide helpful or have a comment, please sign my Guest Book or use the Message Board.