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Black 2.5TT Interior02

Again this is a kind of - watch this space - situation.  As with my UK car I’ll be going mad on the interior controls and electronics.  The aim this time is to be as “factory fit” as possible and to incorporate more modern systems such as rain sensing wipers, auto lights etc. 

Keep checking back for updates also, check out the “Mods & How To” section for detailed information on bvarious projects as and when they are undertaken.

Wheel Controls 009 (Custom)
Wheel Controls 010 (Custom)

Just a quick update while I have 5 mins!  Lots been going on recently, will get pictures up when time allows, the biggest change inside is the transponder ignition key system with wheel mounted controls.

Completely redesigned from the previous car, this is all new and vastly improved!!  The car is now totally keyless!  More on the system is HERE at present.

Digi Dash 017 (Custom)
Lighting 011 (Custom)
Lighting 006 (Small)

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