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  • Pioneer head unit with OEL display, 6 disc changer and aux  DVD input
  • Front panel mounted in roof (detached from main part of unit)
  • Clarion component speakers in factory placements with dedicated 4 channel amp
  • Infinity KAPPA 12” sub in custom box to fit boot and dedicated amp
  • Custom illuminated remote control
  • Dvd player multi region 5.1 surround
  • 7” TFT screen in front with A/V control panel, auto reverse rear view
  • 2 headrest mounted screens in rear, 4 inputs selectable with controllers
  • Full boot build, this incorporates all amps, CD changer, video switcher, 240 volt supply.
  • UV, CCL and LED  lighting

This is the main circuit layout of the A/V system components

The main part of the system is the Pioneer  KEH-P7900R head unit. 

This processes all the audio for the car with inputs for CD Changer, Tape, Tuner, DVD and Telephone.

I have separated the front panel from the main unit and built it into an enclosure mounted on the roof of the car.  The main part of the head unit is mounted behind the front TFT screen and a multi core cable run up the a pillar into the front panel, this allowed me to retain the “Face-off part of the unit.

This is the main TV.  Behind it sits the main part of the head unit along with the AUX. switcher for the DVD player and the telephone.

The TV itself can display any of the 4  video inputs in the car, when reverse is selected the display will automatically show a view of what is behind the car.  This is supplied by a small black and white camera mounted under the rear bumper, this also has night vision.

The panel to the right of the screen displays audio system power status, left, right and sub power levels, and selects power & inputs for the front screen.

The boot houses an Infinity 12” sub mounted in a removable box that simply lifts out to allow access to the spare wheel etc.  The build behind the seats houses the two amps, the A/V switcher and a 240v ac inverter.

The system is set up as a two way system so the 4 way amp and door speakers only supply mid and high range sound leaving the larger amp and sub to supply the bass.

The build is in two halves, the front containing the A/V unit and disc changer which can easily be accessed by opening one side of the rear seat.  Also contained in the front half are two cooling fans just to keep everything nice and chilled!

The whole build is lit up using a combination of LED’s and CCL lighting including two UV CCL tubes mounted on each C pillar.

Even the stereo remote control has been lit up using surface mount LED’s on various keys, even the arrow keys have tiny blue lights in them!

The two rear screens are mounted in the head rests, each screen can independently view any of the 4 inputs and has the option of individual audio via head phones

This is all controlled by a hide away unit and separate remotes per screen.

The selector switches are mounted where the rear ashtray goes on the centre console, these too have been illuminated.

I have put A/V inputs in the glove box for other external equipment, the DVD player also lives there.  Its possible to connect any AV input of any kind to the cars system.

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