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This is my replacement 2.5TT aero supra.

It’s slightly older than the white one being a 1991 plate, the spec however is the same & it’s also a GT Limited.

The paintwork needs attention as expected for an H plate car it’s got a few dings and scratches here and there.  There is absolutely no rust what so ever in this car, none at all!!  The underside looks about a year out the factory due mainly to the fact it only came to the yUK mid 2005 so, has been spared our hateful weather!

Front View 08-08
Rear View 08-08

First few stages of mods coming along nicely.  All lighting is now LED and head lights are true HID discharge.  Illuma II TEMS shocks and SPAX springs are on.  My LED rear lights have done wonders for the arse end, updating it vastly - the red lens is yet to be tackled however - coming soon!

LED Rears 083 (Custom)

LED rears wonkey vid!

LED Rears 071 (Custom)

The interior is the Limited spec coming with every option fitted and finished in half leather half suede combination on the dark face lift interior.  The interior is in very good condition with everything working as it should & unmolested with the exception of a stereo system!  I am slowly but surely getting my mods fitted!

Black 2.5TT Interior
Lighting (Custom)
Digi Dash 015 (Custom)

The engine is in good shape and again unmolested with the exception of air filters and a dump valve.

The standard turbos are fitted but, the original exhaust system has been retained so, they work perfectly and not a wisp of smoke comes out the rear of the car!  This seems a good basis for a project, again using parts from my other 2.5TT.

Unusually for an imported car an amount of history and a complete set of manuals has been provided with the vehicle which, thanks to the use if illustrations can even be follwed to a point.

Black 2.5TT Engine
Black 2.5TT History

Plans remain very much the same as for the white car, to make an “ultimate” supra.  The car will undergo a respray  - possibly some sort of grey metallic finish as this really brings the lines out on these cars like no other colour.

Bin the auto slush box and install a far more entertaining stick shift along with reconditioned Polly bushed suspension components and TEMS shocks.

New ICE will go in along with the usual custom electronics while the engine will recieve a make over, new management and a set of hybrid twins.